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Hi and welcome to our new website for Ron Johnson’s Moonstone Lofts. Moonstone Lofts is run by Ron Johnson you should contact him if you have any questions or concerns about his birds. Just check out the contact page.

Here's a little History…We have been raising pigeons for about 30 years. Our bird lofts were recently given the name Moonstone Lofts because of the street we’re located on is named Moonstone Ave. and we needed a name for our racing record. We are known for our Norwich Croppers, which we have received numerous awards for, and most recently The Master Breeder award. Now in addition to raising Norwich Croppers we now race racing homers and breed them as well. I race for a local club The West End Flyers. And most recently got 3rd place in a 400 mile race and only entered 2 birds!